The Fitzpatrick Armories 12 gauge magnum shot Elephant Gun.

Fitzpatrick armories is a weapon manufacturer developed in 2005. They started with accessories and attachments, but then started manufacturing weaponry in 2017. There is no relation to Richard Fitzpatrick of Magpul industries.

C500 Shotgun

The first weapon made by Fitzpatrick Armories is the C500 Shotgun (shown above). It was orginally going to be a mag-loaded masterkey but then a whole other path was take, the C500 was the outcome.

2024 series

In 2024, Fitzpatrick Armories lauched a new line of weapons (shown below) to acompany the US invasion of Canada.  Each weapon was fit for every terrain of America's Northern neighbor.

the team at fitzpatrick were tasked with a challenge for a backup weapon and sniper for the 2025 future soldier weapon tests the requirements were 2 mags 2 receivers 2 barrels and one stock and one grip the team did this by combining a modded saiga 20k shotgun and mating it to a cheytack R200 sniper for long/close range engagements

Fitzpatrick Armories 2024 series

Top left: GH480 "Mountie Killer" 7.62 rifle. Top right: GH362 LMG. Mid Left: AK74 7.62 "Bayoneted Bandit". Mid Right: 44 magnum/7.62mm DGAR (Double Gun Assault Weapon. Bottom Left: Fitzpatrick Armor Piercing Carbine. Bottom Right: GH50 50cal "Fury" Sniper Rifle


44 magnum/7.62 DAW (Double Assault weapon) Mark II

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