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Fire-Tec was created by the 735 super empire of businesses to compete with The Magnum Weapons Corperation, and to achieve a monopoly over the weapons market.

In less than two months of operations, It produced 4 weapons systems with many varieties, and has made over £3,000,000,000 + in sales.

The Weapons-

The AMG-735, Fire-Tec's flagship weapon system, is a .50 Personal minigun, which is extremely light (made out of a diamond enforced polycarbonate shell), and can be carried by an average infantry man.

The MK11 SFAPW is a multi variation weapons system, that is a silenced .50 calibre. It has vunerable anti-recoil technology similar to that used in the AMG-735.

The GAR is a cheap, mass produced weapon in the common 9mm calibre, and is extremely robust, with less than 10 moving parts.

The SFSR is a special silence revolver (Almost un-heard of in the Revolver front), that, in the .50 calibre, is a powerful, yet stealthy side-arm.

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