This page is a compilation of weapons that could be useful for any "apocalyptic situation" (goverment collapse, zombie/ mutant outbreak) that might happen. This compilation will primarily list down weapons found in the US; some of the weapons will be made via the old version of PMG.



The Military Standard, the M4 is a slightly efficent weapon (great range effectivness) with 5.56x45mm NATO round, making it good for peircing walls, and occasionally making holes in even bullet-resistant glass.

Completely unmodified. SOPMOD variant.

The default layout is the SOPMOD, which is a bit heavier but has better range than its CQBR variant. You could get one at Colt Defense dealers for around a few thousand, with ammunition found easy (NATO ammo is one of the most used in the world!)


The best layout is something that will last you a while. Using a STANAG Beta C-Mag instead of the default box mag will ensure this weapon lasts longer. However, even with your increased ammunition, conservation will still be an important matter. You should add on a foregrip and an ACOG Scope, to make sure you can get a good sight on the target while still being able to have little recoil.
M4 Fallout

M4 SOPMOD for a fallout. Forest camo (well, an attempt at one.)

ACR 6.8

The good ol' ACR never fails to be an all-quarters weapon. The ACR 6.8 has a smaller barrel, making it compact and lighter, but it does the same damage as an M4 (It shoots the same ammunition.) It is great up to roughly 400m away, less than an M4. The ACR is dependable, passing torture tests (tier 1, mainly desert heat, water and arctic chill) with hovering colors. You could get one for 6.8k or so, making it cheaper than an M4.

ACR 6.8

Unmodified ACR 6.8


The ACR uses a different mag shape, meaning that we cannot use a STANAG CM. Instead, we use a setup that helps with its portability. We trade in the ACOG for an EOTech, with more peripheral vision and less zoom. We also break out our duct tape and make dual mags, to help with the reload time that cuts our portability low.

Bushmaster ACR w. dual mags



An Austrian specialty weapon. Though not as exported as an AK-47, it is one of the most well-known weapons used outside of the US, due to it's Swarvoski Scope and its power. The American Military does not use many of these, and are not the easiest things to find, but they are worth it in all manners.

The default AUG. There is also rails with it most of the time, but this one is just the scope.


The iron sights are suprisingly good. If you own a pistol, it has nearly the same sights. The Swarvoski Scope, while good in it's own manner, it is too bulky and unsupported. Instead, we will use the sights.

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