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The Dronestrike X2000 Machine Gun. Built for high power, relatively light weight, and extreme accuracy.

The Dronestrike X2000 is a new Machine Gun by Dronestrike Arms. The gun itself is very light for a machine gun and fires 7.62x54mm ammunition.

The gun not only has a high rate of fire (2000 RPM), but is select-fire and HIGHLY accurate (the gun can fire at 2640 feet, or half a mile, and be accurate enough to hit a human head sized object). The gun has three firing options: semi-automatic, burst-fire semi-auto, and full-automatic.


It was created for the American militia during the Second Civil War in 2049. Being lightweight, at 14 LBs, and having a high rate of fire, this gun was used by the American Patrotic militia, while the government just used conventional M16s and M4 rifles. Dronestrike refused to sell to the government since the government attempted to make the company sell elsewhere (although they failed).

It had a belt-fed 450 round magazine (although more could be put into it), and could also be modified into being helicopter and tank-mounted, among others. The 7.62x54mm Ammunition (or 7.62x54 "Russia") is the same ammunition used in the Hua Qing Minigun, among other machine guns.