The rear sight is removable



Place of orgin

United States




HR1100, HR1200


7.62x51 NATO


Bolt Action,Rotating Bolt

Effective Firing Range

480m, 850m /w optics

Barrel Length


HR1000 Scoped

Scoped Version

HR1000 (Huntsman Rifle 1000) is a rifle,made by DeimTec for hunters,and has a foward ejection system. While being in development was spotted by journalists at DeimTec's firing range,but thought it was a moddified Ruger 10/22. Being the only long rifle made for hunting by DeimTec, only big fans of the company bought these rifles,and DeimTec wanted to cut the HR1000 Program. But after being reviewed in some Youtube channels and geting woved for the foward ejection system,the sales increased a lot. The weapons we're deemed as "one of the best rifles for the price",and the rifles we're sold in few days in most of the gun shops. A upgrade is coming out in near future.


HR1100 Scoped

A configuration with an ACOG.

A sniper rifle made for use of military and other agencies, was made by request of US Border Guard,for situations where targets are moving and accuracy is important. More Picatiny rail and a bipod was added,make the rifle more stable and a cheek rest for long times using this rifle.


HR1200 Scoped

Configuration of HR1200 with Trijicon TR22



First anti-materiel rifle, that fires 12.7x99mm NATO and has 10 rounds in a magazine. It has been submited to United States Military contest for a replacement for M107. Extended and thicker barrel (690mm) and enlargened magazine well. Cost is around 10 000 USD without the scope and bipod. "Yeah, it is the biggest round which we had to work with. Atleast for now *laughs*. but it was a most intresing project too. We never intended to make this rifle fire round this big. And boy it was tricky.", says Deim Skubus, the CEO of DeimTec.

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