Pimp My Gun Wiki

I'm deathBYkory I decided to create a apocalypse survival armory. Quick nod to smiling wolf check out Smiling Wolf's Zombie Apocalypse Arsenal.

Now here is my list. Note this is the first draft.

Mini Galil

Mini Galil

Now when I am running around in the apocolypse I need a weapon that wont jam and be able to replensh ammunition easily. The answer to my problem would be the IMI Galil. Used by Isreali commandos in the middle east this rifle has earned a reputation of ruggedness and simplicity. 



The Galil uses the same design as the venerable AK-47. This means it is one of the simplest and most reliable rifles out there.


Given the fact that it was made by Isreal a major ally of the United States they used the same ammunition as the M16 5.56x45mm NATO (.223). Now .223 is much more common in the United States compared to 7.62x39mm M43 (AK ammunition). So this means I can share ammunition with someone using an AR-15 and scavenge loads of ammunition.

Small Size.

The mini galil is also quite small so if I'm fighting indoors I can bring it to bear on a taget quickly.



Although the ammunition is the same as the AR15 the magazines are not so I can not take an AR15 magazine and put it in a Galil or vice versa. This means I will not have many rounds ready to go which could severly harm my chances of survival if this is my only weapon. However Galils use 35 rounds in a magazine so this would make this less of a problem slighly.


M4 the way I want it.

Standard M4.

Under construction.