Myweapon (11)

With PSO-1 scope.

The Decomissioned Service rifle project is a project intiated by Fire-Tech, to find a use for Decommisioned M4 rifles, and M14 rifles.

They produced an incredibly cheap, and accurate semi-automatic sniper rifle, which, in the 7.62 calibre, packs alot of punch.

With units costing less than $200 each, developing countries are snapping up units that truly give them the same power as the big boys.

These weapons are also very common in the criminal world, and have been commonly used in many murders world wide.

Weight: 5kg

Length: 110cm

Barrel length: 50cm

Cartridge: 7.62 Green Spot

Operation: Gas charged semi automatic

Rate of Fire: 150rpm

Muzzle velocity: 900m/s

Effective Range: 1500m

Feed system: 15 Round Magazine

Sights: Screw Mounted, Iron backup

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