ABR-16 Mod. 0

Delaney Arms Corperation (DAC) 6.8x55mm Advanced Battle Rifle.


"Kick of a 5.56 with the punch of a 7.62", the slogan of the 6.8x55mm DAC holds true in this modern adaptation of the classic Eugene Stoner design. Using the patented tri-tube gas operating system, the weapon is self-cleaning and recoil is litterally cut down by 2/3. This allows the weapon system to be very lightweight and versitile while not sacrificing controllablility. The entire weapon system's shell is made with a combination of carbon fiber and titanium, keeping the it's weight under 5lbs (unloaded).


Caliber: 6.8x55mm DAC standard

Muzzel Velocity: 320m/s (subsonic), 990m/s (DAC surplus), 1150m/s (DAC hyperball magnum)

Cycle Rate: 780 rpm

Effective Range: 700m - 1000m depending on ammunition

Weight: 4.7 lbs unloaded

Length: 980mm with stock in full position

Fire Selection: Full/Semi

Production: Limited/Custom order

MSRP: ~$6500 (USD)

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