DAC .338 DMR

DAC .338 DMR

Delaney Arms Corperation (DAC) .338 DAC Magnum DMR


The DAC .338 DMR is the perfect rifle for any long range engagement. The combination of rapid target accuisition, extreme accuracy, and high controllability make this DMR a serious contender. When coupled with it's signature DAC-TEC IR 6-30x50 self-zeroing scope, it amplifies the ability of any shooting proffesional 10-fold. Simply aim at a target down range and the zeroing is done for you thanks to the built-in ballistics computer. The DAC tri-tube recoil mitigation system has also been modified to fit this system, making it even more shooter-friendly.


Caliber: .338 (8.60x70mm) DAC Nitro

Muzzel Velocity: 1050m/s

Cycle Rate: 280 rpm

Effective Max Range: 2250 meters

Weight: 12.3 lbs unloaded

Length: 1355mm

Fire Selection: Semi-automatic

Production: Custom Order

MSRP: ~$11,000 (USD)

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