This page is a collection of SCAR Assault Rifle variants made by Foxtrot12.

SCAR Marksman

SCAR Marksman's rifle
With a check ammo magazine, M203, flashlight, silencer, and an enchanced zoom ACOG Scope as only it's attachements the Marksman SCAR is geared for precision warfare where all that is required is a single bullet inbetween the eyes of an enemy combatant up to three hundred and fifty yards away. Designed to be fired semi-automaticaly, the Marksman is capable of delievering pinpoint death from long distances. Utilizing backup iron sights and a grenade launcher it has moderate close to mid range capabilities but will normally lose against an automatic in it's effective range. That being said the Marksman is best used by a single man in a squad who functions as a rifleman and has the support of his squad and a good backup. Or from a distance where the enemy can't see it coming or with the aid of it's silencer, won't detect it.

SCAR Tactical

The SCAR-Tactical is a more elite focused rifle that is geared for close to mid range engagements. Excellent supporting a soldier using a specialist weapon and ideal in most close to mid range scenarios. The Tactical packs a shorter barrel, ACOG Scope, flashlight, fixed iron sights, a thirty round magazine, flash hider, and foldable foregrip. In only a few shots it is easily capable of taking down an armored opponent and will easily win in urban street fights, however it falls flat in long range combat and requires support in dealing damage over long range.

SCAR Paratrooper Carbine

SCAR Paratrooper
The SCAR Paratrooper Carbine is a highly modified variant of the SCAR Assault rifle designed for use by paratrooper units. A smaller weapon and technically a carbine, this model of a SCAR features a shorter barrel, foldable stock, and foldable foregrip to ensure that the weapon is useful and in no way cumbersome during a drop. Useful in most situations a paratrooper could encounter, the SCAR Carbine is useful in close to mid range engagements and has a semi-automatic, three round burst, and automatic fire modes. Rated as a top of the line product by American and British paratroopers who have used the weapon since 2015, the SCAR Paratrooper Carbine is an effective and excellent addition to a paratrooper's arsenal.
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