This is a complete list of all the ACR variants made by Mekr2 on Pimp My Gun.


The original ACR
is a carbine which fires 5.56x46mm NATO ammunition. The weapon is being considered for many military and law enforcement uses around the world. This gun is renowned for its capabiity of being modified without the use of too many tools.

ACR Sniper

The sniper varient fires a slig
htly larger calibre bullet. It can fire bullets much further, with an effective range of more than one and a half kilometres. This one has a grenade launcher attached, backup iron sights and a bayonet for close up engagements, though this gun is not suitable for close range battles.

ACR Commando

ACR Commando is the commando version of the ACR. It is equipped with a silencer, a flashlight and a customised stock. It also has an ACOG scope mounted on it. This variant of the ACR is used by commandos because of its accuracy and because it can be used in almost every type of enviroment,


This variant of the ACR features a large rectangular magazine, bipod for extra stability, and a grip to help counter recoil. This gun is the best gun for defending a position. It has an average rate of fire, and can be used from medium to long range.

ACR Compact

The ACR Compact
is the smallest of the ACR range. It can be used as an alternative to the ACR Commando. This variant is ideal for close quarters combat. It fires faster than the other ACR variants and is slightly less accurate. It also has, unfortunately, more recoil. This makes it one of the least used ACRs.
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