'Black ops' M4A1

My weapon black ops

'Black ops' M4A1

My weapon snipe

Used for special/black operations, the 'Black ops' M4A1 features a custom stock, grip, sights, silencer and foregrip. Shown in its sniper configuration (top left) and in its standard variant (top right). Perfect for survival in darkness, CQB or special operations.

'Delta' M4A1

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The 'Delta' M4A1 is a custom M4 variant used by the SFOD. Featuring a tactical foregrip/flashlight, custom sights, MOE pistol grip and GLR-16 Stock, this rifle is great for UrbanJungle and Desert.

'IDF Commando' M4

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The IDF M4, as the name suggests, is a custom M4 used by IDF Commandos. Featuring a Metro 22 optical sight, extended stock, Laser Sight and jungle mags, the rifle is perfect for the needs of Parachuters, Naval Operatives, and of course Commandos.

'Force Recon' M16A2

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The 'Force Recon' M16A2 features a tactical grip, ACOG Scope and custom hanguard grips. The rifle is great for long range firefights, and performs well in Urban combat. Used by USMC Force Recon operatives.

'Desert Storm' AR-15

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Featuring a custom grip, bipod, tactical stock and custom 8x scope, the 'Desert Storm' AR-15 is perfect for desert combat. The bipod is great for long range battles and due to its cooling system, it rarely overheats. Custom made by soldiers of the Desert Corps. 

'MK.II'  AR-15

My weapon 99
Featuring a reflex sight, custom handguard, extendable stock and 25 round FMG mag, the 'MK.II' AR-15 is the first of a next generation of rifles.
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