The Catskills Armory CA-25 is a machine gun created by Catskills Armory, a small firearms company, on contract by the US military in 2025 for use against North Korean forces. Due to its carbon nanotube reinforced steel construction and state-of-the-art internal mechanisms, the gun is known for its high quality, reliability, and accuracy, albeit at a high cost.


A CM-25 machine gun in forest camo with red-dot scope, retracted tripod, and 100-round drum.


The gun can be used in semi-auto mode, which allows for long-distance sniping.

Its built-in tripod is concealed in the foregrip, and when pulled back and released, the tripod comes out and expands.

Its drum, which is plastic and disposable (though can be reused), is held in by an unusual grip mechanism that locks around the bottom. When the pistol grip is pulled down and pushed up, the grip unlocks, letting the drum fall to the ground.


Capacity: 100 rounds

Caliber: .50 BMG

Rate of fire: 1000 rpm

Effective range: 1000 m full-auto/2500 m semi-auto

Muzzle velocity: 1250 m/s

Weight loaded/unloaded: 17 kg unloaded, 19.5 kg loaded


The gun is very accurate, especially in semi-auto mode, even trumping the Barret M82 rifle.

This is due to its very solid construction, also causing its notable reliability. The gun is solid steel under a carbon nanotube polymer layer.

It has very high stopping power against both troops and some vehicles, due to its high rate of fire.

The user feels very little recoil, due again to the steel construction.


The gun is extremely heavy and is hard for one soldier to carry, let alone use without tripod.

It is very expensive to produce.

Maintenance is required often, due to the large number of moving parts necessary for the high accuracy and rate of fire.

It is far more complex than other guns, and as it is built on its own platform, is not very customizable.

It is quite loud, which can reveal the users' location.

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