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The Ray Gun

Ray Gun sent in from au1024, a friend of mine. As you can see, his is much better than mine, and is much more detailed. Thanks, au1024!

Designed and revamped by Treyarch, Ltd. In 2008, the Ray Gun is the first, popularly known, fictional weapon to ever have appreared in a video game, that being the Call of Duty Series. Living up to it’s name, it fires pulses of Gyrophsysic Magnesium, which when mixed, creates a green burst of heat that incinerates almost anything. Techincally, the iron-sights are not iron. Instead, they form a +, usually Red, and sometimes Blue, in between the reticle circle holding station. It has a dial for adjusting settings such as heat, power, and distance, as well as color for a more decorative effect. Many believe the Ray Gun to be a fraud. Actually, it is more than real. Designed by Edward Richtofen of New Breslau, Germany in 1937, it is appropriately named after it’s characteristics. The reticle + is formed from a mix of Arsenic and Orange Phosphorus.

As seen in....

The Ray Gun is featured in many Call of Duty: Zombies maps such as:

~Nacht der Untoten

~Shi No Numa

~Zombie Verruckt

~Der Riese

~Kino der Toten



~Dead Ops Arcade

~Call of the Dead


~TranZit (Great Leap Forward)

~Mob of the Dead (Alcatraz Island)

~Buried (Resolution 1295)

~Origins (Excavation Site 64)

~Shadows of Evil

~The Giant

~Dead Ops Arcade 2

~Der Eisendrache

~Zetsubou Bo Shima

~Gorod Krovi


How to Make:

I used many parts when creating this. It should take about 30min. to complete, assuming you have all the proper material. For instance, it is only available on the Newest app: http://www.pimpmygun.doctornoob.com/app.php

Materials: Circle, F2000 Handguard, Silver M200 Bipod, Green, Yellow, and Red MP5 Mags, Front Iron Sights, Pistol Grip, Red Circle (2), Flash Hider, Thumdguard, Leaf Sight, 3 chrome bars (vertical), 7 Practice grenades for blue cold cells, Red triangle, G36 Bolt. That should do it. Just find the locations of each piece on the picture at the top.