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The CH-9T SBR has a modular style platform. The stock CH-9T includes a fixed stock, a custom barrel shroud, and an AK style sight for the front, and a Mp5 style sight for the back. A standard magazine this SBR would hold 20 rounds of 556. It is a select fire rifle. however, the selector switch is on the left side and it includes 3 round burst.

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The handguard and sight can be swapped out for a more tactical approach, giving the CH-9T a flashlight and 21 Metro sight. The firearms features are the same as the original, but just with the attachments listed before.

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The last variant of the CH-9T SBR is a grenade launcher under barrel mounted. This variant also gives the SBR a leaf sight.

Overall this platform is able to serve for military purposes but just hasn't yet. The creators of the firearm decided to attempt to make the new MP5 while the folks at the parent company liked the idea, it wasnt really ever put into action. The only time this has ever been used is experimenting on the field, and seeing that it does have flaws, most military groups don't choose it. Only accepted by one military group (National Defense Army) this clean yet rugged SBR can get the job done if used correctly. Painted in a simple dark grey.