I see there's no compound bows or crossbows. Time to Fix that.

CER8 Compound Bow

It may seem bow and arrows are being phased out of most traditional warfare these with the advent of firearms and other modern day tools, but
Gra s cer8 compound bow by storm x-d5nnghf

The CER8 Compound Bow with it's standard explosive arrow.

there are still some uses of this medieval like weapon, being able to bring unconventional payloads into the battlefield.  And the CER8 is no different.

While the crossbow has the advantage in terms of a stable firing platform and having longer ranges than a compound bow, the slow reload of the crossbow can sometimes be a deciding factor in the fight, where as a compound bow has a faster reload.  The CER8 is designed to give the user a swift and deadly way to lob different ammo types across the field.

And with a draw weight of 70 pounds with flexible arms, the compound bow can send arrows quite an admirable distance before arcing down and hitting something. 

The CER8 can fire a wide variety of ammo types from simple broadheads to unique warheads such as the X02 Explosive Arrow shown in the pic, acting like an grenade that explodes on impact, the X02 is unique is that it can explode in a concentrated area, making it useful for breaching, taking down walls or to take down a single target with explosive power and yet no innocent can be caught in the blast.

Also, the bow comes with a red dot sight that can be changed to any color depending on the scenario and has a range drop reticule within, making aiming arc shots much easier.

Though the compound bow and crossbow may seemed to be disregarded now a days, the CER8 aims to prove that the bow does still have some use in the tide of war.

Storm-X, out.

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