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GoldenApple NB GoldenApple NB 22 April 2017

If you ever get tired of preset abusers...

Remember: There are game devs out there... on a small island next to Australia that uses PMG for a gun in their game, with lower quality than a lot of stuff here.

My point: person like Daniel would have easier time getting game artist job than some who are out there.

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Kirt2 Kirt2 17 March 2017

This is Kirt, forgot my other account, ill be back building soon.

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Cariscle Firearms Co. Cariscle Firearms Co. 1 February 2017

1/02/17 Update

Hi everyone. First off, I am finally back after a month or so of absolute nothingness. Reason for my absense is I upload my guns when I'm at school because I spend most of my free time making the fuckers. Also happy new years/ merry christmas blah blah blah drone...

Anyway I will be releasing my new season of weapon in the upcoming months so stay tuned there, as well as some guns I didn't release last year.

So that is all and I bid thee farewell. Oh and stay blue.

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Kirt11 Kirt11 21 January 2017

Am coming back

Sometime soon (probably in the next week)...

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InfinityX6 InfinityX6 21 December 2016

How can I improve this?

I have no idea...

Anyways, I feel like theres something wrong with this, but I can't figure it out. Help

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GoldenApple NB GoldenApple NB 8 November 2016

Category Cleaning anf Specification Proposal

Looking around, I found that a lot of the categories are unorganized and some very vague.

To keep the categories do their job correctly (let the related articles show most relevant ones and let users browse more easily) I think we should standardize them.

The main things I think needs to be done are these:

  • Specify singular/plural and capitalizing in the categories' names. Also decide whether to use abbreviations or not, such as "PDW's" and "Personal Defence Weapons" (I think this one's even misspelled).
  • Put the categories in order so that the most broad category shows first, like "Gun, Handheld Firearm, Assault Rifle, Full-Auto, Semi-Auto, Something Industries"
  • Remove vague or not widely used categories like the "Heavy Weapons"(vague)
  • Remove/mer…
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Cariscle Firearms Co. Cariscle Firearms Co. 2 November 2016

Anyone got a name?

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Cariscle Firearms Co. Cariscle Firearms Co. 25 October 2016

26/10/16 Update

Hi guys, I have been busy but I assure you i have a lot of stuff happening right now. I have a few prototypes but i still need info for them, but a little teaser i have a shotgun that could possibly be better than the USAS-12. Anyway I'm still trying to figure out why my computer won't let me open the page creator so once I figure that shit out I will definitely upload that. Stay classy and keep those

buckshots handy.

Edit: Okay so an  automatic shotgun may take a bit more work than I thought but I thought why not make a simple pump action magazine fed shotgun? I still have a model for one that I haven't released yet. Yeah that might be better. Anyway replace USAS 12 with the SPAS12 and that's what you'll expect. Aight.

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InfinityX6 InfinityX6 17 October 2016

What should this be?

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66mazda 66mazda 21 September 2016

The Matrix and firearms

So let's say the you are a part of the resistance, and due to the virtual armory, you can bring any non crew served weapon to the Matrix, to kick some Agent butt. So which 5 would you bring?

Me: M27 IAR, Lee Enfield (rifle no.4), Barrett M82A1, AA12, Beretta 93R

TheMCGamer: AK-105, Glock 18, FGM-172 SRAW, Barrett XM-109, Saiga-12

27spartanranger (Rick): Sig MPX, Sig Sauer P226, DSA Arms SA58, Remington 870 Police Magnum. and Daniel Defense DDM4v300

TheGeneralB (Brian): CZ 75, Norinco Type 56, FN Ballista, DP-12, and Skorpion EVO.

Daniel Phoenix: G3KA4 with 50-round drum, dual Mateba 6 Unica .44 Magnum revolvers (count as one), dual MP5Ks with 50-round drums, Rheinmetall MG3, AA12.

Kyle Layton : MDR (XPS2-2 + Monster), dual Wrist-Mounted G17, Rem…

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