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(Wow, it's been a while.) Are you a rancher who needs a rifle to strap to your ATV while patrolling your ranch and don't have the $400 for a Colt SP-1? Well Blackburn Firearms has the solution for you! Sure you can buy a Ruger Mini-14, but it'd be a shame if your Mini fell in some dirt or mud got into your breech and it all of a sudden didn't function properly (Brian calm down it's just banter). Our Model 50 fires the potent 5.56 NATO cartridge used by the US Armed Forces just like the M16 assault rifle back that killed Communists back in Vietnam. Our Model 350 also comes with a folding wire stock for compact storage if needed. (If you hadn't already noticed I'm typing this article in an 80's style advertisement.) So if you need to kill some coyotes attacking your livestock or someone attacking you trust your life to the Model 350!


- .223 Remington or 5.56 NATO

- 20 or 30 round magazines

- Gas operated, rotating bolt

- Weight: 6.7lbs.

- Produced from 1981 to 2010

- Cost: In the 80's: $260. 1990's: $300. 2000's-Present: $700.

A Model 350 with a 30 round magazine.

A Model 350 with a 20 round magazine