Bernard Heavy Automatic Weapon (Bernard lourd automatique Arme)

The Bernard lourd automatique Arme, or Bernard Heavy Automatic Weapon (BHAW for short), is a weapon that was first made by Nicolas Bernard in early-mid 1916. Rights to build the weapon were given to Martin Acord fabrication d'armes shortly after Nicolas made the weapon. It held 20-30 rounds depending on magazine. It was made to replace the heavy, bulky, and unreliable Chauchat Machine Gun in French Army service.


Weight: 15.4 pounds

Length: 42.5 inches

Effective Range: 200m

Price (WWII): Military only, price has not been revealed.

Ammunition: 8x50mmR Lebel (Regular Model), .30-06 Springfield (BHAW-US), 7.92×57mm Mauser


Ammo Capacity: 20 or 30


BHAW-US: Version of the BHAW for use in the US Armed Forces

BHAW-P: Version of the BHAW for use in the Polish Armed Forces

BHAW-I: Slightly improved BHAW. Changes include a higher rate of fire and a slightly longer barrel.

Bernard semi fusil automatique (Bernard Semi Automatic Rifle): See Below

Rifle Version (Bernard Semi Automatic Rifle)

A rifle version of the BHAW was introduced in mid-late 1917, called the Bernard Semi Automatic Rifle.

French Rifle.JPG
The Bernard Semi Automatic Rifle.
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