Benilli Mk.80

Benelli Mk.80 with five-round box magazine


The Benelli Mk.80 is an autoloading combat shotgun developed by Benelli for close combat situations encountered by United Democratic Alliance forces. It was designed to be used in the compact cities and villages of Eastern Europe. It won the UDA contract over Remington's M-880 model, and was put into production one month later. It was first widely revealed during the 2017 Krakow hostage crisis, which was finally defused when a Benelli equipped UDA shock squad breached the crisis zone and quickly eliminated the hostile gunman holding the hostages. When one of the soldiers was debriefed by UDA officers, he attested to the superiority of the Benelli he had been issued, stating he would be dead if not for its high fire rate and power.


Operation: Recoil operated, closed bolt

Cartridge: 12 Gauge

Rate of fire: 230rpm (350rpm for the Mk.80A variant)

Muzzle Velocity: 500 m/s

Effective Range: 62 m (203 feet)

Feed system: 5, 10, 15 round box magazine, 25 round drum magazine

Barrel length: 180 mm (7.1 inches)

Total length: 482 mm (19 inches)

Width: 86.3 mm (3.4 inches)

Height w/o magazine: 182 mm (7.2)

Weight: 3.2 kg (7.1 lbs)


A belt fed variant of the Mk.80 deemed the Mk.80A was developed for use on light vehicles and emplacements. It is capable of accepting 12 gauge linked disentigrating belts.


The Benelli Mk.80 is capable of supporting RIS/RAS rails on both the front hand guard and the top of the weapon. It is also capable of supporting prototype shotgun suppressors.

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