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"My coworkers knew it was the time for something new. In the development phases of the ATP-25, 27 co-workers just started to piece together the weapon. A week after we started shipping out the ATP-25 I noticed that parts for a bullpup weapon around one of their offices. I stormed in there to see 27 faces with a finished assault rifle. I was about to fire them until Zachary said: 'Before you have any second thoughts, let's take this gun to the firing range!'. It was amazing. A day after, mass production came in and it did well. You can still blame them for the missing logo, though."- Johnson Redclin


This gun, as the name suggests, it a bullpup weapon.

The BP-C20 and all it's glory!

 It uses 7.62x57mm NATO rounds and these pretty much demolish everything in their way, but this bullpup weapon is actually cheaper due to thhe materials used (made with aluminum instead of other convential metals, only the compensator is the heavy part). This weapon has little recoil. The compensator balances out the back, which has all the mechanisms. It can be switched from semi-automatic to 3-round burst to fully automatic at 879rpm. Instead of using rail-mounted grips, instead the grip is actually in the weapon, making it a whole.

In The Box

BP-C20 "Baby Bull"

3 30 round 7.62x54 NATO rounds

Complimentary Neon Green "L" sticker (place above black box in front.)

Screw-on compensator

Price: $4,800

Ammo Price: $800

Grip Price: $50 (most expensive attachment*)

*attachment is intergrated with weapon