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The Storm Rifle, or M45 Assault Purpose Rifle, is a weapon that was formerly produced by Bodan & Adams Firearms Co. It is now produced by Accurafire Manufacturing Co. It was used by the US Armed Forces (especially the Marines) starting in March 1945. It was made to rival the Sturmgewehr 44 used by the Nazis. It has a foregrip to help control the recoil as well as a circular flash hider.


Hearing about the StG-44 by news of captured ones, John Bodan and Richard Adams of Bodan and Adams Firearms Co. decided to immediately start work on a "Storm Rifle". So, of course, they ordered the team to do so. A round was developed just for it that was based of the 7.92x33mm Kurz round used by the StG-44: the 7.92x30mm Assault. In January 1945, the final prototype was finished, and became the B&A Storm Rifle. B&A Firearms Co. showed the rifle to the US Marines, who then became very interested in it. Eventually, it was accepted into US Marines service, and the rest of the US Armed Forces as the Model 45 Assault Purpose Rifle (M45 APR) shortly after. However, it was used slightly less than the Garand because of it entering into service late into the war. It didn't get the chance to counter the Nazi StG-44, but it helped a LOT in defeating the Japanese.


The M45 APR or Storm Rifle.

Weight: 9 pounds

Length: 37.5 inches

Effective Range: 300m (auto), 580m (semi)

Price (US, WWII): $200

Ammunition: 7.92x30mm Assault

Ammo Capacity: 20 or 30 rounds


-The receiver of the B&A Storm Rifle was based heavily off the receiver of B&A Firearms Co.'s earlier SMG-9.