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The SK-51 Akula was Azovka's second bullpup designed weapon. Designed by the famous Warsaw Facility,

the SK-51 was a bullpup designed rifle. Shortly after the release of the AK-77 Feniks, Nikolai Komarov decided to revisit the SV-51, take what they could learn from the shortcomings of that particular bullpup design. A rare change of heart from the Man of Iron, the once blasphemous Bullpup was given a second chance.

The resulting design was named Spetsial'nyy karabin 51 Akula (or Special Karbine 51 Shark). While Spetsial'nyy is usually used to indicate usage by Special Forces, in this application it was denoted as a Special Carbine for being an unconventional carbine design (By Azovka Standards at least).

The eventual result of that program would become the SK-51 Akula. Designed explicitly for the smaller 7.62 x 51mm NATO round, the Azovka SK-51 was extremely popular with low budget militaries. In particular, the SK-51 would become popular with Middle African Country paramilitaries.

The SK-51 was known for having a highly reliable design, easy to use, and low cost. While Azovka was very proactive in trying to screen the buyers of the SK-51, many would wind up in the hands of less then favorable groups.

It has been estimated that with all the Chinese and Taiwanese knockoffs, the SK-51 is the most produced Azovka design, with an estimated production of over 1 million units.