Autorifle EAuR
The primary weapon for the futuristic soldier; the EAuR is one of the flagship weapons of the autorifle class, and like other autorifles it fires very high caliber ammunition with exceptional accuracy. The EAuR earns particular merit for its unwavering performance, and mercenaries lucky enough to snag one will positively gush over how reliable and powerful it is. Capable of sustaining fully automatic fire with extremely controllable recoil while sending armor-piercing round after round downrange, the EAuR has earned a reputation for being a rifle worthy of a true world-class operator. Notably, while the EAuR has an air of exclusivity around it, it is still sold at reasonable prices due to the ease of its manufacturing process. Despite this it remains a rare sight, both in the black market and on the battlefield. Chances are, if you're seeing it on the battlefield, either your side has the upper hand in a firefight or it'll be the last thing you see. Ships standard with an integrated red dot sight. 
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