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The complete arsenal of French Democraty.

Need weapons for your secret agency ? For your militia ? Or maybe just a secret police ? No problem ! They are the Ares Police Weaponry!




APA = Arme de Poing de la Armée basque (Handgun of the basque army)

109 For the 10mm mag (on the front of the gun) and 9mm for the other.

The Gun was created for the basque army , newly created (It's a other story).

Weight: 0,8 KG , Loaded 1,2KG

Lenght: 200mm/7,8 Pounces

Caliber: 9x18mm , 10x21mm

Max range:350 Meters

Rate of fire: 750 RPM

Ammo in a mag: 30 For the 9mm mag , 15 for the 10mm mag



PDMF= Pistolet D'assaut de la Manufacture d'arme de Fontenay-le-Fleury

(Assault handgun of the weapon manufactory of Fontenay-le-Fleury)

The gun was created for police assault and guerilla operation , he his based on the PP-19 Bizon and chambered in 9x18mm like him.

Weight: 1,5 KG , Loaded 1,7KG

Lenght: 550mm/21,5 Pounces

Caliber: 9x18mm

Max range: 690 Meters

Rate of fire 790 RPM

Ammo in a mag: 40

MP5 Ares

MP5 Ares.png

It's not in a category because it's a SMG transformed in a rifle.

Weight: 1,9KG , Loaded 2KG

Lenght: 850mm/33,4 Pounces

Caliber : 9x19mm Parabellum

Max range: 770 Meters

Rate of fire: 690 RPM

Ammo in a mag: 50



P.M.A NightWolf.png

PMA= Pistolet Mitrailleur Ares (Ares SMG)

It's a SMG for night operation , silenced.

Weight: 2,1KG , Loaded 2,4KG

Lenght: 470mm/18,5 Pounces

Caliber: 5,45x39mm M74

Max range: 550 Meters

Rate of fire : 800 RPM

Ammo in a mag: 25



PDGF= Pistolet de Défense des Gardes Forestier (Defense Handgun of the Ranger) Used by the french ranger , and the Garde Chasse (People who defend the National Park and endangered animals.)

Weight: 1,5KG , Loaded 1,8KG

Lenght: 340mm/13,3 Pounces

Caliber: 4,45x39mm M74

Max range: 790 Meters

Rate of fire: 650 RPM

Ammo in a mag: 35

FPB (Shotgun)


FPB= Fusil à Pompe Briseur (Pump action shotgun door breaker)

It's a shotgun for breaching armored doors and little armor plating

Weight: 3,2KG , Loaded 3,6KG

Lenght: 780mm/30,7 Pounces

Caliber: .577 Tyrannosaur

Max range: 260 Meters

Rate of fire: 350 RPM

Ammo in a mag: 3




FS.5.56= Fusil Saoudien (Saudi Rifle) 5.56 Is for the ammo.

The gun was created for the 4th big Gulf War in 2020 used by the saudi occupation police in Jordan , Lebanon and Irak.

Weight: 2,4KG , Loaded 2,7KG

Lenght: 490mm/19,2 Pounces

Caliber: 5.56 OTAN

Max range: 700 Meters

Rate of fire: 695 RPM

Ammo in a mag 30

AK74M Ares

AK74M 5.56 Final.png

It's a portage in 5.56 Otan ammo

Weight: 2,1KG , Loaded 2,4KG

Lenght: 520mm/20,4 Pounces

Caliber: 5.56 OTAN

Max range: 695 Meters

Rate of fire: 620 RPM

Ammo in a mag: 30



Fusil Sniper Saoudien (Saudi Sniper Rifle)

This gun was created for the Saudi occupation police like his brother the FS.5.56.

Weight: 4,0 KG Loaded 4,5 KG

Lenght 980mm/38,5 Pounces

Caliber: 7,62x54mm

Max range: 1100 Meters

Rate of fire: 590 RPM

Ammo in a mag: 8