Allied Vilification

Allied Vilification (AV for short) is a fitional weapons company. The weapons developed by AV do not cater to a specific type of firearm. For example, one manufacturer may mainly create mostly submachine guns, or another may create Light Machine Guns. AV, however, works with SMG's, LMG's, HMG's, Assault Rifles, and several experimental Energy Weapons (Please refer to AV-X category). AV generally avoids doing work on sniper rifles and shotguns. The "Vilification" in AV is truly geared toward vilification of opposition, which is why weapons that are semi-automatic are mostly avoided.

Assault Rifles

Although AV does not do very much work is done on assault rifles, they have time taken into them, nonetheless. Here, you may view the lineup of the AV assault rifles and their details.

AV Mk. 2 Carbine

AV MK2 Carbine

The AV Mk. 2 Carbine

The AV Mk. 2 Carbine is a typical assault rifle. It uses the 5.56x45mm NATO cartridges and has an appearance similar to an AR-15. Unlike a typical AR-15, the AV Mk. 2 Carbine makes use of a g36 styled 30 round magazine.

As you may probably see, thr front iron sight is the same as an M4 or an M16, but it has been reversed around and placed right behind the weapon's flash hider. A standard Mk. 2 Carbine comes with a Voltor EMod collapsible stock.



The AV BRa1

The AV BRa1 (Battle Rifle) is an rifle that uses the standard 5.56x45mm NATO cartridges. It has a bullpup design with the use of a typical G36 magazine. The foregrip is built in, but can be easily removed with a simple screwdriver.

Because of the bullpup design, this weapon is very maneuverable. The long internal barrel provide extra space for a top-opening air cooler, allowing the weapon to be constructed almost entirely out of a thick Aluminum alloy. That means that not only is this easy to aim with, it is very light.

AV dbAR1


The AV dbAR1

The AV dbAR1 is what it looks like: A double-barreled assaultt rifle. The two barrels are lined up vertically. This weapon also utilizes caseless ammunition.

The weapon also features a Steyr AUG ACOG scope attatched.

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