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The UBGL next to a 40mm grenade.

The UBGL (UnderBarrelGrenadeLauncher) as it's name suggests, is an underbarrel grenade launcher. It can attach to Picatinny rails. It can shoot all US standard 40mm grenades. It was made to replace the M203/A1 in the US Armed Forces. It is loaded sort of like a shotgun: the "handguard" is pushed back, revealing a hole where the grenade goes in. The operator then puts the grenade in through the hole and pushes it to the back, and then the "handguard" is pushed back forward. After the grenade is fired, the operator then pulls the lever (on the left side). Then the barrel slides to the left (like the AG36 Grenade Launcher) where internal levers push the shell out. The operator then closes the barrel and repeats the cycle again.


-40mm grenades (US Standard)

-Length is a little longer than the AG36.

-Safe, Fire

-Shotgun-style reloading


This image explains the loading procedure of the UBGL visually.