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The HeavyDefender is a laser machine gun made by AccuraFuture Armory. It fires at a very fast fire rate: 1,600 RPM! Because of the advanced (and heavy) cooling systems, it can fire on full auto like this for quite a while. It loads from the side using either the HD mag made just for it or the AccuraFuture Universal Magazine. It has a Heavy laser producer but can be modified to take a VHeavy laser producer.


-Fast fire rate

-Advanced cooling systems


-Sturdy Stock

-Advanced scope


Weight: 24.4 pounds

Length: 50 inches

Effective Range: 5,000m

Price: Military only, price not available yet.

Ammunition: Heavy/VHeavy charges or Universal charges

Ammo Capacity: 500 or 1,000 round magazine. Can also take AccuraFuture Universal Magazine.


The HeavyDefender.