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The HHES (Heavy Heat Energy System) Laser Rifle is a weapon made by AccuraFuture Armory starting in 2058. It was made to replace the EPM3, AE4, and pretty much every standard rifle in the US Armed Forces. Instead of using the light-assisted unlimited multi-shot laser system the EPM3 uses, and the Repetitive Heavy Friction Atom Collider system the AE4 uses, the HHES Laser Rifle uses the much more reliable Heavy Heat Energy System (in this case, the word "heavy" does not mean that the actual gun is heavy, but it means that it uses a heavy amount of heat energy. Oh, and, the HHES is patented if you wanted to know). To help keep the barrel from overheating, there are advanced heatsinks around it. The scope of the HHES Laser Rifle uses solar power by day, and it uses the new StarPower system by night. The scope allows the operator to choose one of the 10 preset reticles. The scope can zoom 1-10x.


-Reliable Heavy Heat Energy System

-Advanced heatsinks around barrel to help keep it from overheating

-Scope uses solar power/StarPower system

-Scope has 10 preset reticles

-Scope zoom 1-10x

-Uses light rifle laser producer, but can be modified to use a medium rifle laser producer.

-Retractable stock


The HHES Laser Rifle.

Universe: Earth-1, later it was found in Metphia-1 many years later, and was copied by the Metphians.

Weight: 6 pounds

Length: 38.6 inches

Effective Range: 1000m

Price (US): military only, price not revealed yet.

Ammunition: light charges or universal charges.

Ammo Capacity: 50 round HHES Laser Rifle mag or AccuraFuture Universal Magazine.

Laser Chart

What lasers are most equal to... kinda. It's a little hard for me to explain.

Laser Pistols/SMGs

-Pistol VLight: .380

-Pistol Light: 9mm

-Pistol Medium: .45

-Pistol Heavy: .50 AE

-Pistol VHeavy: .500 Magnum

Laser Rifles/Machine Guns

-Rifle Light: 5.56x45mm NATO

-Rifle Medium: 7.62x51mm NATO

-Rifle Heavy: .30-06

-Rifle VHeavy: .50 BMG


-SpreadShot Light: 20 Gauge

-SpreadShot Medium: 12 Gauge

-SpreadShot Heavy: 10 Gauge

-SpreadShot VHeavy: 8 Gauge


Civvie Practice Laser- Non-lethal bullets

Civvie Laser- .22 LR