From your friends at Lazah Firearms Co., we produced a pistol than is effective for both civilians and military (and law enforcement). Entering a new category of weaponry, we give you the ATP-25!

Lazah Firearms ATP-25 No Attachments

Our newest weapon brand at Lazah Firearms: a pistol! Note the lack of the "L"


The ATP-25 stands for Advanced Tactical Pistol-25 Round Magazine. The shells are .40 caliber, encased in a 25-round box magazine, loaded through the grip. It's gas powered, meaning it can be truly semi-automatic instead of single action. If you can pull the trigger repeatedly fast enough, you will find the capped fire rate of 1200rpm (that's faster than most SMG's!) Missing crest? Blame it on the designers, not us.

Seems to lack attachments? Here is our military version!

Lazah Firearms ATP-25 Revised

Military Standard.

Remember that this is the military version, but the weapon has it's standard sights (both versions come with iron sights). This version comes with a precision laser, making your shots more accurate. The knife is included in the military version, but not the civilian one.

The civilian version comes with a different optic, but still retains the front iron sights (the red dot overlaps the rear sights). The civilian variant comes with a flashlight instead.

Lazah Firearms ATP-25 Second Style Revised

Civilian ATP-25

In The Box


5 25-round magazine

red dot sight

flashlight (batteries included, civilian only)

combat knife (military only)

laser sight (military only)

Price: $1,800

Ammo Price: $250

Red Dot Sight Price: $750 (most expensive attachment)

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