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Remodeled. Repopularized. Now shoots .338 Lapua.


Advanced Tactical Anti-Personell Rifle They have now been highly remodeled. The Main ATAPR Variant is bolt-action, with a smaller cartridge (.338 Lapua, couldn't find the ammuntion on PMG, so I shrunk a .50 shell.) Shown with a changeable TR21 scope and crane stock, this pushes the ATAPR into a support role. (Sidenote: Bipod not shown.)

The next variant shown 

Ready to clear some buildings?

is the CQC variant, with major differences from it's sister sniper variant. Namely, a very changed cartridge. Instead of using .338 Lapua, it uses normal .338 NATO, which is a bit less lethal than our normal STANAG variant. A different ACOG is shown, and has a built-in front grip.

I know, it does have some striking similarities to an M16.

This final one is the Commando variant. It is light and has a carrying handle. It is made of plastic, titanium and aluminum. The hollow stock is fixed in place, and cannot be moved. It shoots standard 7.62x45mm NATO and has an M900 foregrip. Another nice thing about this type: it has the least recoil of all of the ATAPR variants.

The ATAPR brand is made by Johnathan Redclin, Iraq veteran and later founder of Lazah Firearms Co. These weapons models were made in 2009, and the company was founded in 2010. Lazah Firearms Company then started mass-producing these weapons. They are used for military forces around the world. (and people who have a liscense to own assault weapons).