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By: A-strike


The silenced AS1M. The initials stand for Auto Sniper 1 Marksman. -S stands for Silenced.

The AS1M-S is a semi-automatic, selective fire sniper rifle designed for frontline snipers who need to move quickly while maintaining the stealth factor.

There are no variants of this gun available. The silencer and bipod are detachable and the stock is retractable.

The technical specifications are given below:

Caliber: 7.62 NATO

Special features: It has a specially designed firing system, which allows for high stopping power, while maintaining low to moderate recoil and a respectable rate of fire.

Sights: Trijicon TR22. 2.5-10x magnification power. Fixed on stainless steel rail mounts.

Magazine size: 30 rounds (+1 in chamber)

Rate of Fire: 120 rounds/min

Barrel length: 508 mm

Muzzle velocity: 2750 feet/sec

Feed system: Gas operated. Short-stroke piston.

Effective range: 1000 m

Accessories: Silencer (included).

Physical statistics

The AS1M-S has a robust design and is constructed from high tensile strength polymer.

Weight (loaded): 3.94 kg

Length: 30 inches (with fully extended stock and silencer equipped)

Build type: Polymer

Overall statistics

Accuracy: Moderately high

Recoil: Moderate

Penetration capabilities: Soft targets, moderately thick wood walls, thin concrete walls. Can punch through 3 sheets of steel too.

Reloading speed: Varies from user to user.

Damage to human targets: Lethal to head, chest and stomach. Can cause serious damage to arms and torso. Shooting at feet may immobilize the target.