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ARM-16 PDW in 6.5x30mm

The ARM-16 is an AR-15 but shortened and shooting from a 9.3in barrel. It also shoots the new 6.5x30mm cartridge.


Type: Assault Rifle/Carbine

Year designed: 2000s 

Produce: 2000s-

In Service: 2010-

Numbers Build: 300,000 

Wars: WW3 (limited numbers)


Action: Gas-Operated, Rotating Bolt

Caliber: 6.5x30mm 

Weight: 5lbs (2.3 kg) (unloaded) 6.2lbs (2.8 kg) (Loaded)

Length: 20in (Stock folded) 32in (Stock unfolded)

Barrel length: 9.3in 

Muzzle velocity: 2,150ft/s (655 m/s) 

Rate of Fire: 800-900 RPM

Range: 300m (Maxium Range) 

Feed System: 25 Round PMAG Magazine

Sights: Iron sights

Cost per Unit: $485 (US Dollar)


JSOC: Replaced by the HK416 by 2020

GSF: The GSF Coast Guards uses the ARM-16 

C.R.A.S.H: Limited numbers

VLA: Recieved only 200 ARM-16s in 2015