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The ARGON-class Stealth Rifle is a bullpup rifle, with the distinguishing features of a typical stealth rifle: stock-integrated silencer, flash hider and advanced recoil compensator. Its magazine holds 30 rounds, but those rounds are a mix of full metal jacket and hollow points, great for breaking through armor and killing quickly. This ammo type is scarce, though, because the base around the old Temple Prime was destroyed, and that produced this ammunition. It was destroyed during the Third Tiberium War, when GDI Ion Cannoned the temple, annhilating the base around the said temple, the assaulting GDI and Nod bases, and attracted the alien Scrin to Earth.


The ARGON is just like its brother gun, the MMR. It's good at taking things out silently and accurately, but its fire rate is slower than that of its predecessor, making for ultra high accuracy. It, when out of the testing phases and into full rollout, will be the generic rifleman's weapon for its accuracy and power. It is meant for stealth operations, and the bullets can penetrate up to three inches of armor, good for hitting a structure's power core and taking it out.


Silence over killing-this weapon is perfect for commandoes or wary troops, making it very effective against dug-in Shadow troops.

Accuracy-its advanced recoil compensator and slower firing rate make it a lot more accurate over the MMR, which trades accuracy for speed and spread

Rounds-the special FMJ/hollow point crossover ammo means armor and flesh stand no chance, meaning stronger penetration and more kills

Due to the eggheads, only one image of a stock version of the rifle could be shown.

ARGON Stealth Rifle.PNG