Pimp My Gun Wiki

By: A-strike


The Assault Rifle-Frontline Model. It utilizes a combined grassland/arctic camouflage.

The AR-FM is a frontline combat use-intended, selective fire, automatic assault rifle. It uses the 5.56 NATO rifle round, giving it quite some firepower. It is 3.4 kg in weight, making it easier for users to move around. That, combined with its low recoil, makes it ideal for people who like to run and gun. But, it has a pretty high rate of fire, so sustained automatic fire can cause the recoil to become uncontrollable, so be warned.

The technical and physical specifications are as follows:

Caliber: 5.56 NATO

Sights: Red dot sight

Operation: Short stroke piston

Rate of Fire: 900 RPM

Magazine size: 30 rounds

Muzzle velocity: 2420 feet/sec

Effective range: 350 m (point), 600 m (area)

Stock type: Collapsible

Barrel length: 480 mm

Gun length: 32 inches

Weight: 3.4 kg

Overall statistics

Damage to human targets: Lethal to head and chest. Serious damage to stomach and torso. Moderate damage to arms. Shooting at legs may immobilize the target.

Mobility: High

Reloading speed: Varies from user to user.

Accuracy: Moderate

Recoil: Low during burst fire. Moderate to high during sustained automatic fire.

Spread: Same as above.