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MHS-25 "Pegasus"

The Micro harmonica submachine gun, 7.62x25mm is a small machine pistol developed by APR in early 2016. It features an interesting operating system as to accommodate the vertical harmonica magazine. This weapon was made for security forces and close spaces, like that found in a hostage rescue. The Harmonica magazine is easy to place and the guns angled grip helps with quick target acquisition. The MHS has a tactical rail to mount optics or other equipment.

The MHS-25 was developed with an obvious lack of extremely small self-defense weapons in the world. It is smaller than a pistol, But with increased fire rate. While this is good for close ranged combat, the likes of a bodyguard protecting an important person/s, The recoil produced means that in any engagement over 10-20 meters, the Pegasus’ full auto fire rate just won't be able to cope. It retails for 975 pounds.


The harmonica style of magazine has never been seen in modern combat for the obvious lack of space and size. Pictures of old harmonic weapons from the early 1800’s will show just a revolver, with a horizontal magazine inserted into the side. To make the MHS smaller and more efficient, APR engineers came up with a way to utilize a vertical, bullpup magazine. A clip on the Left side is where the magazine is inserted, from the bottom. This action will insert a bullet into the chamber. Grooves on the magazine will line up with a cog shaped ring around the bolt. A rotating bolt will push the bullet into the chamber and turn clockwise 90° to lock it in. This action will move the magazine upwards half a round. After firing, the bolt will turn anti-clockwise 90° to unlock the chamber. This will move the magazine back to its original position when it was placed into the gun. The bolt will then rotate 180° clockwise, lifting the magazine high enough to load the next bullet. After firing all 15 rounds, the magazine will fall out of the top of the gun on its own weight. Due to the friction of the rotating bolt during firing, the gun must be regularly greased with nonflammable oils, and the gun itself is made from heavy iron, a non-conductive material to prevent burning the wielder.