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LSW-51 "Centaur"

The Light Support weapon, 7.62x51mm is an M4 platform based SAW. It was made in late 2014, and quickly became designated the M51, and is now the U.S Marines basic light machine gun. It fires from a high capacity drum magazine, and the basic model comes equipped with an APR A-1 Marksman, Tactical series MBS, VEB, and Operator series SMR. It can be rechambered for any basic NATO round (Like 5.56x45’s,7.62’s, etc) and can take any type of round such as Incendiary, rimless, hollow point and so on.


The LSW-51 Is a Rotating bolt, short stroke firearm, for increased reliability. It feeds from a 200 round high capacity drum mag that is a sub of the P-MAG series, and so the magazine is compatible with any P-MAG accepting platform. This means that with a fire select and bolt mod, The LSW-51 can easily be converted into an AR/DMR/Carbine. In actuality, The Centaur is a mod of APR’s first weapon, The MAR-56 Perceus.