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The AP-3B Mk. II is an improved AP-3B (as it's name suggests) that is made by Accurafire Manufacturing Company. It was made to be a more tactical version of the original AP-3B machine pistol. It has 4 Picatinny Rails to mount accessories. It comes with the same compensator, and it also comes with a different stock than the AP-3B Mk. I. It has a different magazine that holds 30 rounds, rather than the 21-round magazine that the Mk. I uses. It also disposes of the integral foregrip that the Mk. I uses but a foregrip can be ordered with it. It is currently competing with the Hercules Automatic Pistol made by Odin Arms. It is currently being decided if an AP-3B Mk. III should be made to compete in the first perpetual competition.


Features of the AP-3B Mk. II include:

The AP-3B Mk. I.

-Low Recoil, even on 3-round burst mode.

-High Capacity 30-round magazine

-4 Picatinny Rails

The AP-3B Mk. II

-Improved Pistol Stock

-Uses the new Accurafire Anti-Jam System: Force-Lock

-Even has rails on the sides of the slide!

-A compensator to keep the recoil down

-Many internal recoil reducing components, as in all Accurafire weapons.


Weight: 1,950 grams loaded

Length: 1.2 feet including the stock

Effective Range: 50m

Price (U.S): $450 Civilian Model, $500 Military Model

Ammunition: 9x19mm Parabellum

Ammo Capacity: 30 Rounds