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The AP-3B (Automatic Pistol-3 Burst, designated the Automatic Pistol-3 Burst Mk. I or AP-3B Mk. I as of after the AP-3B Mk. II came out) is a 3-round burst pistol made by Accurafire Manufacturing Company. It was made to be the ultimate Close Quarters Battle (CQB) weapon. It fires a 3-round burst at 800 rpm, and has a semi-automatic fire mode too. It comes with an integrated foregrip and compensator to keep the recoil down. It also comes with a 21 round magazine.


Features of the AP-3B include:

-Low recoil, even on 3-round burst mode

-High capacity 21 round magazine

The AP-3B, fresh out of the factory.

-Many internal recoil reducing components as in all Accurafire weapons, as well as a foregrip and compensator.

-Sturdy pistol stock

-Uses the new Accurafire Anti-Jam system Force-Lock™.


Weight: 1,500 grams loaded

Length: 1 foot including the stock

Effective Range: 50m

Price: (U.S): $400 Civilian, $450 Military

Ammunition: 9x19mm Parabellum

Ammo Capacity: 21 rounds