Kalashnikov Tashina BS-LDG

The AK-TM grenade launcher.

The Kalashnikov Tashina Modified BS Light Damage Grenade, often referred to as the AK Tashina Mod. BS-LDG or simply AK-TM, is a standalone, magazine fed, hip-fire grenade launcher chambered to fire light BS-1 grenades.


The AK-TM was created using Kalashnikov weapon parts, including an AK Stock, SVD Pistol Grip, and modified SVD Handguard. It is a standalone version of the BS-1 "Tashina" underbarrel grenade launcher that has been modified to fire a magazine. The soul purpose of the weapon is to be a substitute to standard grenades which cannot be thrown as far as they can be shot.


The weapon fires smaller versions of the BS-1 grenade used in the original "Tashina." It's magazine is placed above the weapon itself to reduce the spring pressure which in turn, lowers the chance of the weapon jamming. The magazine holds 8 grenades max, but an extended magazine is in developement to increase the ammo capacity to 12. It also comes equipped with a non-removable Laser Sight to replace the lack of iron sights. It also has a foregrip attached to the Laser Sight module which also cannot be removed. Because the AK-TM fires light grenades, it isn't very effective against vehicles; this further emphasizes it's role as an anti-infantry weapon.

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