The IZMASH AK-101 is essentially an AK-74M chambered for the 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge.

Due to the concurrence from weapons like the IWI Galil ACE-23, S&T Precision K2C and other AK-gas-system rifles chambered for the 5.56mm, and their more "modern" furniture (i.e. M1913 Picatinny Rails and collapsible stocks), IZMASH has recently teamed up with FAB-Defense to bring out an AK in this caliber, but the difference to the AK-12 being that the receiver itself is still the same as with all other AK-74-type weapons.

Columbia's Airborne and Naval special battalions and also an unnamed middle-eastern country have already bought small quantities of the AK-101 Mod.1.


-Use of an FAB recoil-reducing buffer-tube

-Fitted 6-positions collapsible stock, on this particular display-weapon a Magpul MOE stock

-G36-type magwell, accepts H&K 5.56mm magazines and with modifications also Galil magazines and STANAG magazines

-FAB-defense rail system, M1913 Picatinny rail, Mil.-Spec.

-VLTOR muzzle breaks

Note that this particular display-rifle is still the basic-type one, further changes may be made according to individual wishes.

AK-101 Mod.1

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