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The Advanced FireArms Backpack Robotic Weapon System

This might look like a backpack becuase its hidden inside one but this bad little arm but it has a secret, it Exhales hot bullets at an amazing firerate with an unbelivable acurracy, its controlled or by an smart specially designed electronic glasses with a thing similar to the system in an Apache helicopter (The gun aims to where you look) or by an small touch watch (linked with an HUD in the glasses so you see what the gun sees) if you cant see your target. you can control height and distance in the sides too (max height 45 cm higher than your head, max Side distance 30 cm from your head) so you can peek around those corners with ease. started production March 2024.

BRWS-DC (Double Caliber)

The block at the bottom is a "backpack" (i cant make backpacks ok?) the thing is only the arm, gun 2 ammo boxes (400 7,62 600 5,56) and a base that works as an Antena

Stats and Characteristics:

  • Chambered in 5,56x45 and 7,62x45
  • Backwards/side ejection
  • Weights 4Kg unloaded and 6Kg loaded (with 400 7,62 Rounds and 600 5,56, standard capacity)
  • Firerate 5,56 1050 RPM, 6,62 950 RPM)
  • Cost is 5600$
  • can be placed inside any medium backpack