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Advanced FireArms Anti Personel Multiple Misile Launcher is a missile launcher designed to lock onto infantry and soft skin vehicles. has 20 (4x5) barrels shotting one missile per barrel after being locked on a person a single missile launches to the objective but it can lock up to 20 persons and fire to the 20 missiles at the same time, the missile is a HE 20 mm short smart missile. the APMML is feed by a 20 shot magazine like box placed on the back, it has started production on september 15 2016.

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  • Length is 1080 mm
  • Can lock up to 20 targets as small as a man
  • 20 mm missiles
  • Weight is 14.20 K unloaded and 17.80 loaded
  • The optics have a locking sistem, Thermal vision, Night vision, ammo counter, and rangefinder


  • U.S army, navy, marines, Navy seals
  • KSK
  • brazilian army
  • SAS
  • SASR
  • Turkish Army
  • Mexican Army
  • French Army
  • Colombian Special forces