The AAW-2 is a very recent addition to the bullpup assault rifles currently on the market. Developed by a private up and coming arms manufacturer, the AAW-2 is the new name in reliability. Compact, accurate, and stable, the AAW-2 sports an integrated advanced optics system built around a red dot sight; it includes a rangefinder, a thermal sight, and features variable zoom. Despite all these features, it remains extremely compact, making it one of the most advanced red dot sights currently available. Perhaps the AAW-2's most attractive selling point is its unique feeding mechanism. Currently the weapon accepts assault rifle magazines from a variety of weapon classes, meaning more often than not, ammunition can simply be replenished off the bodies of downed enemies. This bodes particularly well for soldiers working deep inside enemy territory. In this way, the AAW-2 has carved itself niches in both the consumer market and the special-forces market, making it almost instantly popular. 
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