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The A7 Anti-tank/materiel rifle is a rifle designed by United Arms Tactical Inc. The rifle is designed to target tanks, jeeps, parked aircraft, radio communication towers, buildings, and just about anything big. The rifle was used by the US Army and the Israeli Army, until the US Army replaced the A7 with the Anzio 20 mm rifle. The rifle remains in service with the Israeli Army. It fires 18mm cartridges which come in several variants, the most known being the HEAA, and the least common one being the HEDS (High Explosive Discarding Sabot). It is perfectly capable of engaging infantry, but there are very few anti-personnel specialized cartridges available for the rifle, and with devastating damage to the human body, it will most likely leave no survivors.


  • Weapon type: Anti-tank/materiel rifle
  • Place of origin: Canada
  • Designed by: United Arms Tactical Inc.
  • Designed: 2002
  • Produced: 2004-2013
  • In service with: Israeli Army
  • Caliber: 18.3x20mm "Lion"
  • Weight: 25.6 lbs unloaded
  • Length: 40.6 in.
    • Barrel length: 31 in.
  • Muzzle velocity: 1,049 m/s
  • Feed system: N/A (single shot)
  • Effective range: 4,329 m
  • Action: Bolt-action
  • Sights: Leupold Mark 4 1-3x14mm CQ/T optic