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The PDW-65 is a new product made by the A.R.C Foundation (Assault, Retrieval and Containment) as a new personal defense weapon to be wielded by special forces and the foundation's personel.


The PDW-65 shares a similar concept with the FN Herstal P90, fully ambidextrous, light weight and high capacity while still retaining a compact build.

The gun is constructed from high strength polymer giving it a maximum weight of 3.4 kilograms when loaded. And as mentioned above, the PDW-65 is fully ambidextrous with all of its components accessible from both sides.

Unlike most common Submachine guns and PDW's which includes the safety option on the fire selector, the PDW-65 has a separated safety switch located in front of the trigger, this allows the user to disengage/engage the gun without changing the current fire mode.

The gun also seems to have a disassembly lever on the stock. From where the lever is located, it is very likely that it is used to remove the trigger block for easier field stripping.

However, as dubious as the A.R.C Foundation itself, little information was released about the PDW-65 until now. The gun is scheduled for release in mid 2019.

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