The Guerilla Automatic Rifle (English Translation, The GAR), is a cheap mass produced MP5 /AK101 variant, originating from Sealand, as an attempt to give the country something to export.

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Guerrilla automatic rifle.

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Wood/Leather Version

It comes in two versions-the GARNF Model, and the GAR.

The GARNF is the more expensive, better performing all metal version, for national forces, which is used by many third and second world countries, and is used extensively by the russians, for their under funded army. The GAR, is the Wood/Steel/Leather version, which can be made in a 1 man workshop, and is cheap, but still effective, and amazingly robust for guerrila warfare.

Weight: 4kg

Length: 36cm

Barrel length: 20cm

Cartridge: 9mm Penetration rounds

Operation: Gas charged full auto

Rate of Fire: 300-900rpm

Muzzle velocity: 900m/s

Effective Range: 300 Meters

Feed system: 15/30 Round magazine

Sights: Rail mounted, Iron backup

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